Like many precast concrete companies, Decomo was originally set up by a building contractor as an integrated part of their own operations.


The precast concrete division is made independent for the first time under the name of Decomo. At this time, the focus lay on elements for industrial buildings and residential housing projects.


Decomo turns its attention to the export market and becomes an important supplier of bespoke architectural precast concrete in Western Europe.


Decomo takes over NV Euroton, another manufacturer of bespoke architectural precast concrete marketed under the name of
Marbra-Lys. Decomo UK Ltd is formed.


Decomo integrates Euroton's business activities.


Decomo UK Ltd opens its offices in King's Cross, London from where all UK projects are managed.

  The present

Decomo has become further specialised and has grown into an important player in 6 European countries as well as in Russia with a staff of 175 and a turnover of more than 20.000.000 Euro.