Architectural precast concrete is traditionally reinforced concrete with its own specific mix composition to create the desired aesthetic effect. Decomo provides  the structural design for each element produced, taking account of each phase of production, handling, transportation and installation through to the required final insitu performance criteria.  

We offer solutions for architectural façade elements that might be susceptible to deformation through:

Temperature fluctuations

Temperature fluctuations can occur between the outer and inner construction layers or skins. Externally concrete is constantly exposed to the weather, whilst on the inside a constant temperature prevails. Loadbearing elements can absorb the stresses caused by such fluctuations themselves and by providing sufficient expansion joints; deformation is kept to a minimum. With sandwich panels, the inner and outer skins are connected to one another in such a way as to allow for differential movement between them.

Deflection of the support structure

Facade elements may follow the deformation of edge beam or floor edge. This sag can be limited by ensuring the connection points are as close as possible to the supporting points of the beam or floor.