At Decomo all architectural elements manufactured are bespoke and are individually designed according to their intended purpose.  Distinction is made between loadbearing and non loadbearing elements.

Loadbearing elements are those that in addition to their aesthetic function fulfil a structural or supporting role as part of the primary structure.  They can be used for cladding (single skin or double skin form of construction), floor / ceiling units, columns, beams etc. The size of the units and reinforcement content etc. will be designed in consultation with and based upon information provided by the engineer.

Non loadbearing or cladding elements, can either be of a single or double skin construction, however they perform purely an aesthetic function.

They can be used for a number of shapes and forms such as mullions, spandrels, parapets, columns casings etc. It is also possible to use non-structural slab units as permanent formwork for pre-finished soffits.