Post treatments


  Concrete, just like any other external construction material, is exposed to pollution and graffiti.There are many products on the market which either reduce the impact of such influences or aid in dealing with the effects. These products are best applied as a 'post treatment' by specialist companies who are also able to offer an ongoing maintenance and reinstatement programme. With regards to graffiti, the facade is in principal treated with an anti-graffiti product up to a height of approximately 4m.  Above this height, a water-repellent product can be used. Although the products used are as neutral as possible to prevent discoloration we, nevertheless, recommend treating every zone to avoid potential variations in appearance. The facade can still become dirty of course, but cleaning costs will be limited. Generally, anti-graffiti treatments can be categorised as under:
- Non-sacrificial: After removal of the graffiti with a solvent, the coating still retains all of its protective properties;
- Sacrificial: After removal of the graffiti, the product should be re-applied/applied locally to the affected area.